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Every body is different and every target is unique. My broad knowledge and experience in fitness will bring you to your end goal. Whether is purely about aesthetics, reducing pain relief, preventing injury or to enhance your performance, I will be 100% at your side. My goal is to motivate and support you, by integrating your preferences into your training insuring that you enjoy the process, even if you don't consider yourself sporty.


I offer individual or group training in:

Athletics training

Body building

Cardio fitness

Sports rehabilitation

Mobility training

Balance & coordination

Indoor cycling

Water aerobics

Stand up paddle fitness (SUP)


Functional training

Circuit training

Thigh, bum and tum (TBT)

Full body workout 


Aerobic cardio workout 

Flexibility training 

Take the first step in achieving your goals, don't wait for a miracle, book me now.

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