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About me

My friends and my clients like to refer to me “lauzilla”. My motto is “all or nothing”. Sports and fitness has been my greatest passion since I was a child. I set my expectations of myself and my work very highly, which means your success is not only important but i hold it close to my heart. Believe in my high quality, professionalism and wide variety of diverse fitness training that I offer.  

The first time I was in a gym was when I was fourteen because I was over weight and uncomfortable in my own skin. At the time, I had very little success in my train, although spending several hours in the gym and numerous different diets. From this, it inspired me to become a fitness training at the age of 19. It is a blessing to being to help people from my experiences and knowledge. 

Fitness not only improved my physical appearance and athletic performance but also my self-esteem. I became happier, more balanced and mentally stronger. When it comes to fitness, my desire for knowledge and motivation is insatiable therefore I am constantly learning new things to ensure the service I give to my clients is professional and effective. I have a natural talent for motiving and inspiring others to develop a healthy and active long-term lifestyle. What is special about Laura Hanke? My passion and enthusiasm for what i do will spread to you.

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