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Weight reduction

Nutrition is a key factor if you want to loose weight or reduce body fat. A negative energy balance is crucial. My idea is that nutrition doesn't mean giving up everything. I tailor the nutritional requirements specifically to each individual, taking into consideration your lifestyle, preferences, health status and ethics. If necessary, we consider your physiological background and it’s impact towards your weight loss. Additionally I aim to show you ways to boost fat burn, fight cravings and stick to you diet long term. Sustainability is the goal.

Sports nutrition

If your goal is enhancing performance, then let me show you what nutrition is needed and when it is essential to optimise your progress and recovery. My approach, developed especially for you, will be easy to incorporate in your every day life.


Weight gain

Many people find it difficult to gain weight or pure muscle mass because they have a fast metabolism or cannot eat large quantities. Often belly fat is gained rather than muscles being built up in the desired places. I will make you a diet plan perfectly tailored to your needs, give you valuable tips for everyday life and help you get used to the new diet so that you reach your goal quickly and stay motivated.


Take the first step in achieving your goals, don't wait for a miracle, book me now.

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